Bonheur has teamed up with relocation experts to assist our clients with all aspects of their relocation throughout the UK and around the world.


The secret to a good relocation is being able to coordinate all aspects of the expats’ move and synchonise all the different requirements.  Our industry experience and understanding of our clients requirements ensures that our clients receive a seamless service.

Our relocation services

From home and school search to household moves, our relocation managers are always looking at the best options based on the individual’s needs.  The services we offer are then tailored to these requirements.

Our relocation services include:

  •  Home search and area orientation
  •  Corporate Housing
  •  Lease assistance
  •  Move management
  •  Cultural Awareness and Language Training
  •  Single point of contact for all assignees
  •  Departure services

Why should you choose Bonheur?

Relocation requires great attention to detail as the different aspects of the relocation from immigration and tax to home search and move management often depend on each other.  It is particularly pertinent to make sure the relocation ties in with the necessary visas or permits being obtained by the assignee.

We are commmitted to overseeing all aspects of the process at all stages and to:

  •  Providing an excellent service
  •  Providing a personalised service
  •  Ensuring that we continually manage the relocation costs
  •  Being independent and choosing only the best providers for our clients
  •  Being innovative and using the latest on-line technology for case management
  •  Being green and environmentally focused

Why not test us?

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